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richmellot I'm a 20+ year Special Educator, with a lot of interest in differentiated/layered instruction. I'll contribute as well as I can. My website is: (Glendale, California)

Luann_Lee I am using DI in my classroom and working to expose more teachers in my building.

cathy_ikeda I am a literacy coach for a middle school in Hawaii and would like to join this wonderful wiki.

jmcurry I am a third grade teacher. I would like to join this Wiki. Thanks! (Jefferson, Kentucky)

newdeck I am a member of your space and have been loving the materials. They have been helpful to my practice. I am currently teaching grad students in DI and assessment and have been using some of your materials as examples. I was hoping to post a few of the powerpoints and materials to our wikispace for their reference. Before doing so, I thought I would drop a line and see if that was OK. Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you.

poelover I'm a high school LA teacher in Kansas and I would love to be a part of your wiki!

hhurley Your wiki looks wonderful, I would love to add it to my resources. Heather Hurley Instructional Technology Coordinator Arlington, VA

seth3d Hi. i'm a special ed teacher and grad student in learning and instruction. I'm interested in technology and individualizing instruction. please let me join. Thanx. seth springer

dbamley I am just beginning my journey into differentiated instruction and may need some input into strategies or answers to some questions. (Akron, OH)

hhunt03 I am participating in a Differentiated Instruction and Assessment Graduate Class and would love to become a member of this wiki so that I can continue to work with a community of educators involved in improving education

jlymbery I am an advisor for GATE students in New Zealand (Victoria University of Wellington) and spend a lot of time with teachers discussing how to differentiate for their most able students

craig_parker I would like to join-from Australia

angela9375 (Edison, NJ) Your website is a great resource for differentiated instruction. I am a middle school social studies teacher who is always looking to improve my teaching practices and methods.

hfeuerhelm (Iowa) What a great wiki! I'm a literacy consultant and would like to join.

lreinert (Colorado) A friend shared your wiki with me at the CAGT 2009 conference. I would like to join. My wiki is gtresourceteacherjeffco.

shanzy6 (Canada) An absolutely fantastic wiki! very valuable info for classroom teachers trying to differentiate for highly able students

I do professional development training for special educators in Jacksonville Florida and would love to join your wiki on DI since I train that to our teachers too

lyn.nayal (Hawaii): Our school is currently working on our RTI model. Much of what I have browsed through is very helpful. I would like to recommend this space to others at my school!!!

lilaboop: Hello, I went to one of your workshop last year in New Jersey. It was great. Gyselle North

betsymac: Hi, I work at an international school in Caracas, Venezuela and we're always trying to differentiate. I'd love to join, learn and share.

timbuck (Houston, TX): hi; this looks cool; i teach middle school special ed

pamelalaswell: I would love to join your wiki. I am an Achievement Coach at an Elementary school in Evansville, Indiana. I am always looking for new ideas to share with my fellow teachers.

I am the Director of Literacy at the Louisiana State Department of Education. We are currently revising our state literacy plan and would like to include a link to your web site/page in our plan. J. Slack

smulbry: I am a TAG specialist in Round Rock, TX - would like to join :)

DeniseinNC: I'm very interested in this subject because I work for the Department of Defense schools which are directing teachers to teach and keep statistics with differentiated instruction. I teach primary Spanish, so I don't know if I'll be forced to follow. So far the training I've received doesn't apply to a foreign language at the primary level: non- or beginning-readers

addecker: (Mesa County, CO) I happened to stumble upon your wiki while doing research for my masters degree in education. What a wonderful resource!

SueBarriball: Hi, there. I am a teacher and PD facilitator in New Zealand. Your wiki is a wonderful resource and I would very much like to join! Thanks.

Graeme Bennett (Victoria, Australia): Wow! Great wiki with fantastic ideas - just what I need right now. I'd sure appreciate it if you'd allow me to join. Thanks.

eshultz1: What a fantastic resource for educators! I can't wait to dive into it! Thanks

debraclayton: I just attended Professional Development in Nashville on using these choice boards and love the concept. I want to learn much more about differentiating instruction! Thank you!

stategrad: I am in education and work in K-12 plus teach at a local university. I really would enjoy this wiki. thanks. Chris (North Carolina)

jodie60: Hi, I am a graduate student reviewing different types of survey's and I have found your Wiki to be extremly helpful!

nique7181: I am a student studying to be a ESL teacher this website is a great resource

schusterel: I am a high school German teacher and came across some of your tic-tac-toe boards and other differentiated activities and thought they were wonderful! I am so excited to try out some of them with my classes this week.

mishaSD: What a great wiki! I'm a teacher in NZ and am taking baby steps towards a differentiated classroom. Thanks for a wonderful site!

WendyKay2: Hello! I am a 4-5 gifted resource teacher and I am loving the extention materials you have on your site!

1403bailey: I love this wiki! I am an Intervention Coach at an Elementary School and you've got tons of great ideas!

MrsABurns: I am a 6th grade social studies teacher in Mississippi and would like to join your wiki to gain more knowledge. Thank you.

caseylacey: HI there, I'm an elementary teacher in the Comox Valley BC Canada and I use menus too. I would love to share. You have so many great ones:)

pjordan9: This is a wonderful website, full of great resources. I am an instructional resource teacher and math coach and would love to join your wiki!

caribegin: I am an educator that is a HUGE fan of your wikispace and would like to become a member.

Hello, I'm Didi, Head of Languages at SEK International School in Madrid Spain. We're embarking on differentiation over here and I'd love to be able to consult your WIKI as a resource. Thanks
This is a great site so thanks for setting it up! We're just embarking on differentiated education here in Spain so this site is helping us tremendously! ...and yes, I said JUST embarking on this.. pretty scary it's taken so long but at least we're starting!

rurirenee: I'm a high school teacher from Taiwan and was introduced to your wiki yesterday and was amazed at the abundant resources here. I'd like to be part of this teaching group.

amperez7up: Hello. I teach 4th grade in San Diego and met some people at the Mickelson Exxon Moblie Teachers Academy who recommended this site. I would love to share and find ideas on differentiation. Thanks!

joyceljohnson: I was in a training for GT where I found this website and would love to be a member if that is possible. I had never seen anything like this and plan on creating some of my own.

smwermeling: David Ghogasian, a brain guy, said your site rocks. I want in!

FifthGradeConnections: Am wanting to move in the direction of project based instruction and to differentiate more effectively...would love to be a member of your awesome Wiki...heard about it on Thank you so much. :)Sincerely, Jody


I was reading the Once Upon a Time in First Grade blog and she cited daretodifferentiate as an excellent source. I was interested in the think dots she credited to you. Additionally, I need help on what the groups look like, management and some ideas for centers to help me springboard. Thank you. I have taught first grade and/or kinder for 20 years in a low income, high second language learners school in Southern California. Thank you!

kbesnoy: I am interested in joining this wiki. I am a professor of gifted education at The University of Alabama and teach a class on differentiation.

rebekah.boone: I have heard GREAT things about your wiki and really want to become a member so I can access your wonderful information.

missytrusty: I LOVE this wiki! I am an elementary gifted specialist in Grapevine Colleyville ISD in Grapevine, Texas. I am currently working with my faculty on Differentiated Curriculum. I would love to share this wiki with them at our next meeting!

kcarroll_0025: Hi! I am currently a pre-service teacher and I am researching differentiated instruction for a final project. This website has been instrumental in developing my own beliefs about promising practices.

clrgiglio: This site is similar to having a conversation with other interested people. I am grateful there are so many resources and so much sharing.

carolinedriscoll: I am trying to learn more about differentiation for a course I am taking and your wiki looks really helpful. (Hong Kong)

02497846: Working as a teacher in a low socio economic area and seeking to get new ideas for inquiry based learning. Your Wiki is absolutely brilliant and might be the tool I need to really include the challenging kids into the learning. (Victoria, Australia)

joshzarling: I am a middle school principal in Trinidad and Tobago and I would like to join. I am from Seattle and we were very in to DI and it is my hope to bring the philosophy and practices to my new school. Thanks