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This simple Numbers Tic Tac Toe choice board is designed for Kindergarten students. The student select the number center that they would like to explore that day. They know they have completed the activity correctly if at the end they have 3 different colored cards.

By: Michael Murray

Below is a set of I have Who Has cards created for 6th grade enrichment or 7th grade regular education as a strategy for "Learning Centers". This activity includes positive and negative integer one-step equations. It is a word document and easily editable to fit your needs.

By: Samantha Starr

I planned this to be about different weather conditions. Any weather from minor daily weather to servere and extreme could be researched. I used the format from the Writing Great Questions 2 from under the Questioning and Thinking Skills tab and edited. Students are to develop questions about a weather event (rain, snow, tornados, etc.) using this questions guide, and then use the links to find information about their topic. I have this for about a fourth grade level.

By: Samantha Hanrahan

I have attached "Writing Equations Task Cards" that I created for my 6th grade students as a strategy for "Learning Centers." I have attached the PDF document (non-editable) and PPT document if you would like to edit them to fit your own classroom needs! FYI, the PPT might look different/weird if you do not have the fonts that I used to create the task cards. I hope they are useful to fellow math teachers!

By: Kelly Walde

I create this Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board activity for third grade multiplication. This document can be saved and adjusted based on activities you would like your students to complete. Enjoy! :)

By: Erica Gray

I have created a match

I have created the following tic-tac-toe board for 6th grade student learning about ecosystems and biomes.

By: Jason Best

I created this Think-Tac-Toe Board for my 5th graders on the topic of fractions and decimals. The activities mainly relate to converting and multiplying fractions and decimals, as well as finding the equivalent. I have used this in my classroom in the past and refer to links on my classroom page. I included the link and the Brain Pop links are just the a few of the videos about fractions and decimals. Brain Pop requires a membership, but you could substitute another activity for this if you do not have one.

By Jessica Sullivan

This tic-tac-toe homework board page is editable. It was created for a specific chapter for third grade science to review for a chapter test regarding matter. The students must perform three exercises that make a tic-tac-toe pattern but have to complete the middle square. The students can decide on the other two activities to complete for review. By: Lisa McLean

5th Grade Order Of Operations Tic-Tac-Toe Board

By Katherine Hirschinger

This choice board is one I have created to serve as an assessment of my first grade students understanding of habitats. When the unit is completed, the students are given many options to chose from to demonstrate their understanding of the importance of an animals habitat. Some of the assignments provided on the choice board also give students a chance to work with a partner of choice. This choice board is also a fun way to check for students understanding and gives them accountability of

the assessment they chose to complete. By: Awttan Ismail

The choice board below is one I use weekly in my own classroom! It gives students an opportunity to chose from activities that would benefit their learning styles. The topics covered are spelling, reading, and math. It is also designed like a menu to make it more interesting for the students and it also gives them many opportunities to switch up the activities they choose to do for homework. I change the menu choices monthly and include a science portion after the month of September! This particular one goes along with the Journey's series for the month of September! I hope it helps! By: Awttan Ismail

The choice board I made is for linear equations. By Krista Marino

The following Choice Board is developed for a week long practice of reading/phonics/writing concepts for first grade centers.

by Kim Connelly

The following Choice Board would be good for a 4th grade classroom and could be done over the course of an entire plant unit.

by Katie Rusu Latkowski

The following Choice Board provides Interactive Internet Practices that go with Realidades2 2A. Spanish 2: Cuerpo Choice Board ~ Interactive Internet Practices Think-Tac-Toe Mathematics Example

The following 4 graphic organizers are tiered for 3 levels with one of the introductory level (Thunder Cake) made for modeling. These are made to go with Houghton Mifflin's Grade 2 Theme 5 story: Thunder Cake and the 3 leveled readers that accompany that story.- The phonics choice board goes along with Houghton Mifflin Grade 2 Theme 5. It reviews items taught before Thunder Cake. - File from Jena Adams

- File from Carolyn Smith

- Choice Menu from Sarah Roller

- Animal Classification Think-Tac-Toe Activity from Ashley Gantz

Tiered Activity from Kate Wilson

French 2/3 Resources for Body Parts

daretodifferentiate/RAFTs created by group 032708|RAFTS created by group 3/27/08

Differentiation Activities by Prince William County, Virginia World Language teachers

April 23, 2009 Differentiation Activities - HCPSS

Cy-Fair ISD World Language Teacher activities June 09

Differentiation Activities- Diving Deeper into Differentiated Instruction (July 2009)

[[file: Fr3:3H daily routines RAFT.doc]]
French 3/3H Daily Routines RAFT

- Totally 10 Quiz (Spanish)

- RAFT assignment for Spanish [[Idea Sharing Page#|studying]] fairytales and mythology
- Spanish stations studying Popo legend

A webquest for the physics behind roller coasters by Nikolette Balls

Biomes by Jacqui Dublin

A tic-tac-toe choice board for physics [[Idea Sharing Page#|classes]] to review forces (by Stephanie Gardner)

five senses choice board.docx by Ashley blystone

Measurement Think-Tac-Toe.doc by Meghan Kennedy
Using FOIL in place of Punnett Squares to determine Genotypes.doc by Luke Travelpiece

Pattern Think Tac Toe.docx by Kristen Kalinowski

Surface Area and Volume Review Centers.docx by Kellie (Kepple) Johnston

Rain forest Choice Board.doc by Mandy Jockel

Here is a review game you can use in teaching or reviewing fractions for students. It was originally designed for 3rd grade, but it can be used for any grade that is learning about fractions. Students receive the Equal [[Idea Sharing Page#|[[#|Bingo]]]] Sheet. The words to use on the card are listed in the Fraction Definition document. The 1st column listing set of Fractional terms are what students are to place on their cards in any square. The listing of definitions is what the educator will say during the game in any order. Students match the definition stated to the fractional term on their card. The first person to call EQUAL and has a Bingo wins!

The link to the Fraction Bingo File:

The link to the Fractional Terms and Definition Listings file:

Have fun!!!!
Tina M

The link to the Pond Tic Tac Toe
Elizabeth Rupnik

Here is a link to a Rainforest Menu - Created by Tracy Widmer

Here is a link to [[#|Electricity]] Tic Tac Toe Gina Sciulli

The link to 100th Day of school Tic-Tac-Toe Jennifer Payne

Geometry and Measurement Choice Board by Janelle Cassano

Polygon Choice Board by Alisa Lynch

Hurricane Menu by Craig Kubiak

Rocket Ships and Planets

Weather Choice Board by Julie Aiken

Problem Solving Choice Board by Janine Stuart
Simple Machines Tic-Tac-Toe Board Targeted for Eighth Grade by R. Johns

Science Choice Board using Rubbings Targeted for 3rd Grade by Rachel Rice

Kindergarten Cubing by Alana Kendall

Statistics Review Choice Board by Brittany Smith

Themes of Biology 7th grade Note Organizer by Derek DeGraaf

Banking-8th Grade summative assessment by Derek DeGraaf

Mathematics 6th grade-Percents M&M Activity by Derek DeGraaf

Using problem solving with [[#|Money]] by Nicholas Longobardi

The following tic-tac-toe board is created for slope by John Werlau

Weather Activities Choice Board by Jaime Strunk

Probability Review Choice Board by Robert Leslie

Rainforest Think Dots Activities- by Alicia Cummings

Think Dots Sound Grade 6 Submitted by Susan Hall

Symmetry and Transformation Tic-Tac-Toe by Trisha Hoyt

RAFT Oceanography- Nicholas Bajis

Animal Research RAFT ~ Stephanie Dublin

Area and Perimeter - Kerri Ruffennach

Area and Perimeter- Courtney Castaldi

Life Cycle of a Butterfly Choice Board

Who Eats What? An investigation of Food Webs- Karen Yurkiw

Capacity, Metric, and Customary Units

I used this activity for centers in my third grade classroom!
By: Maura Atkinson

Learning Center 1~Measurement Activity By: Jeff Musher

This activity can be used as part of a warm-up, lesson plan, lesson extension, or even as part of a learning center! My personal favorite way to use it is as part of a learning center when teaching units of measurement in the elementary classroom! My second favorite is to use it as a warm-up activity to get the student’s minds back on track, especially if they are in the older grades!

The Water Cycle RAFT Writing - Caitlin Zurcher

This RAFT writing has the students choose a role as a different stage of the water cycle and complete different types of writings for things impacted by that stage of the cycle. I use this near the end of the water cycle unit so the students have enough knowledge on the topic. It can also help you as the teacher to determine if the students have retained the correct information from the unit.

7th Grade Weather Choice Board Activity - Elizabeth Shoop

Inequalities Learning Center Activity- Michelle Koutsourais
This learning center activity has students answer a real world inequality question involving basketball. Next, the students will be using cryptic cubes to create inequalities. Each student will take a turn to create an inequality. They will roll three cubes, and one of the cubes is an inequality symbol. After rolling all three cubes, the student will place the inequality symbol cube between the other two cubes. The entire group will write down the inequality and solve it. Each person in the group will create their own inequality. Once all students in the group have created and solved the inequalities, they will discuss the solutions as a group.

Melissa Purich

I have, Who has? Stephanie Pampena

Tick-Tac-Toe Multiple Intelligences Choice Board for Operations with Decimals (geared toward 5th grade and above) Lauren Shelley (Kostley)

Center of Gravity Learning Center - Jamie Rylands

Grades 3 and 4
This learning center activity has students work collaboratively and independently with their classmates to discover important aspects of center of gravity. Students should be broken up into multiple small groups throughout the classroom. Each small group should be provided with the necessary supplies and guide sheet for the exploration. The provided guide sheet will walk them through the explorations. Once students are finished with the explorations the groups will be pulled together as a whole to go over their findings.

This is a back to school activity to help the students get to know each other

Kindergarten Learning Centers~ by Lashion Pickney
This Learning Center activities can be worked in groups or independently to discover the stages of corn and how the production of corn is important for the products we need. Each students will be given a guide sheet to use for all the stations. As the exploration is over we will discuss how important corn is to our everyday lives.

Scientific tools lesson- Jennifer LeVasseur (Brittner)

The is a planning sheet for a Cubing Activity. Each idea can be place on a side of a cube for the students to complete. I developed this sheet for a Science Vocabulary lesson, but it can be developed to fit any content area. --Tania Slother

Money Choice Board- Brianna Gillin

Grades 3 and 4
This choice board was designed to help students prepare for an end of unit test. Students are working independently to solve at least 3 of the problems on the board. The problems include the concepts of basic money sense, adding and subtraction money, and finding change.

Getting to Know Your Neighbors- by Donrae D'Ambrosi
(Ice breaker for students)

Herbie Helper for Math class- Meghan Weinman (Susi)

Grade 2
This choice board was designed to help a student in Learning Support start a task in Math class and complete it to the best of his ability. It was designed as a game board that can be laminated. A game piece will be used to move from one spot to the next. The student will earn a break after the task is completed. I decided to create this because this particular student has difficulty with following directions and staying motivated in the subject of Math. He loves Herbie, so I think that this would motivate him.

Choice Board: Chelsea Dzubak
(Graphing Linear Equations) Pre-Algebra/Algebra
This choice board gives students the opportunity to explore graphing linear equations in both standard form and slope intercept form. It relates to various learner types and requires the use of the internet. In order to adapt it for your needs you would likely want to edit the textbook options so that it includes the pages where students could complete the activity.

Equivalent Fractions Menu: Keith Gillis
(4th Grade Equivalent Fractions Introductions)

This menu was designed as an introduction to students learning about equivalent fractions. Most activities listed are free to use with the exception of Study Island. Also, you can find many matching cards for equivalent fractions to print or make online. I simply use note cards and write a set equivalent fractions, one of which is always in simplest form.

Think Tac Toe Geometry Review
(4th Grade Math)
By: Marissa Stoner
This think-tac-toe is designed as a review activity to be used prior to a geometry unit test. This will help students to think about apply geometry skills in everyday life as well as practice geometry terms and skills they need to know in 4th grade.

Biome Choice Board: Ashley Uhrine

This choice board was designed with multiple intelligences in mind. Each box focuses on a specific intelligence and allows the students to choose 3 of the 9 boxes based on which assignment interests them. This would be used in a classroom learning about biomes. It would be a great way to review and reinforce the characteristics of the biomes while allowing students to use their strengths/interests.

Planet Choice Board: Amanda DeRuyter
This choice board was designed to accompany a research report for 3rd grade science students. The choice board gives students an option to complete one of eight different projects to showcase their knowledge about their assigned planet.

Multiplication Tic Tac Toe Choice Board: Nicole DeLorenzo
This is a tic tac toe choice board designed to help 3rd grade students practice their multiplication facts and strategies. Students must complete at least 3 activities. The activities practice topics such as equal groups, repeated addition, arrays, inverse operations, and word problems.

Monarch Butterfly Choice Board: Scott Bonicky
This choice board was designed as a review of the Monarch Butterfly Unit for 1st grade. Students are to complete three of the activities. Students may complete each activity either individually or with a partner.

Shapes Tic-Tac-Toe Board: Kristina Szurley
This is a tic-tac-toe board for students in first grade learning shapes. Students have the opportunity to choose a row on the board of activities they would like to complete. This is a fun and interactive way to teach students about shapes.

First Grade Addition Choice Board: Jessica Cree
This is a addition choice board designed for 1st grade students. It includes a variety of options for students to solve and represent addition equations as well as addition fact practice.

Think Dots Geometry- Sharlee Burich
This activity can be used as an in class review, beginning of class activity, or an end of class activity. It reviews different concepts taught in the Geometry unit.

Multiplying by 6, 7, and 8 Tic-Tac-Toe: Katie Proch
This is a tic-tac-toe board for students to use to practice multiplication facts for 6s, 7s, and 8s. A variety of activities are included that use several different multiplication strategies.

Homework Menu: Jenna DePizzo
Attached, you can find a sample of a "Homework Menu" that I use for my first graders' weekly homework. Students are given the packet on Monday to complete and turn in by Friday morning. Although much of this example packet is literacy based, I always try to integrate the weekly theme in science or social studies so that students are involved in cross-curricular activities. Feel free to use this format for your own Homework Menus! I've found that, like many choice board activities, the student is empowered by his or her ability to CHOOSE!

Science Homework Menu: Maggie Fisher
Attached is a monthly homework menu that I use during the mixtures and solutions module. Students are to select three assignments to complete by the end of the month and turn them in and the tic tac toe menu by the assigned due date.

Tic Tac Toe Adding and Subtracting to 1,000 menu Board Brigid Riordan - this board is to be used for 3rd graders when learning to add and subtract to 1,000

Multiplication and Division Tic-Tac-Toe By Jessica Rylands

Weather Unit Choice Board Grade 4 - Lauren Burgard
This board can be used by 4th graders as an assessment for a weather unit.

Science Cubing for First Grade - Rebecca Barney
This document includes a blank cube, 2 differentiated cubes to use with a weather unit, 2 differentiated cubes to use with an organisms unit, and a cube that can be used with any topic based on Bloom's Taxonomy.

Multiplication Tick Tac Toe Homework- Anna Daughery
This document is a tic tac toe homework option for students learning there multiplication facts. I did not include a fact sheet or area page. I wanted to leave how many problems to include up to the individual teacher and assume that most teachers teaching multiplication have plenty of fact pages. Also for copy right reasons. I do not have any area pages that I made myself, but they are very easy to find online. I did include a copy of the name multiplication completion page and the dice multiplication recording sheet. I hope other teachers are able to find this useful in their classrooms.

Forces of Motion Choice Board- Alissa Padovano
This document contains nine activities for students to choose from pertaining to forces of motion. Some of the activities I have used before with my third grade students. I tried to include activities that would appeal to several different learning styles, as well as opportunities for students to work alone or with a group.

Number of the Day-Devin Hays (Regan)
This document is something I would use in my math class as a center station. This is a menu choice board where students would get to "choose your own adventure" with number sense. I would differentiate it by giving higher and lower students bigger and smaller numbers. This activity is for a 2nd grade math class.

Area and Perimeter Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board - Samantha Garrity
This document includes nine area and perimeter activities for students to choose from. I selected these activities and made this board with third grade students in mind.

Solar System Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board- Allyson Valentovich
This Word Document includes nine activities for students to choose from. It is geared toward third grade students.

4th Grade Multiplication Menu Enrichment Activity- Alyssa Wetzel
This document provides a multiplication "menu" of choices for students. Students are to pick a "main course" and then a "dessert" problem to solve and present to their peers. This is an excellent extension activity for students to use when working with multiplication. The activity is aligned to 4th grade standards and the problems included are challenging, multi-step problems, as this was originally designed for gifted students. However, this activity could be altered for a different type of student or grade level.

Science Vocabulary Menu-Sarah Goehring

This is a menu that can be used to help students study their science vocabulary. This document can be used for any science lesson, because it does not have specific words attached to it.

Introducing Sound - Scaffolding Activity - Rebecca Montgomery

Multiplication Tic-Tac-Facts Board- Chelsea Mesisca

This was made for a sixth grade math class but it can be adapted to any grade level.

Fraction Action Tic-Tac- Toe by Rachel McMaster
This resource was created for 4th grade students to complete at the end of their unit on fractions.
Fraction Action Tic-Tac-Toe

Perimeter and Area Tic-Tac-Toe - Rebecca Bowser
This resource was created as a review of perimeter and area concepts for 3rd grade students.

Measurement Cube by Alysia Martini

This resource I created as an introduction to measurement for 5th graders. This is a student driven lesson where the students work with a partner.

Weather and Climate Tic-Tac-Toe Review by Kaitlin Lafferty

Cubing Strategy Lesson for "Solution" and Problem Solving by Lacy Shoenfelt
This resource is a lesson and associated guidesheet which uses the Cubing Strategy to evaluate the term "solution" as it relates to problem solving. The math problems are designed for 5th grade students and involve fractions, percents, and decimal forms of numbers as well as operations with money.

Fraction Fun Tic Tac Toe- by Jessica Federovich
This fraction tic tac toe choice board was developed for 4th grade students.

Solar System Tic-Tac-Toe by Erica Fabyanic

Reading in Science Tic Tac Toe - Keith Boswell
I created a general writing and activity tic-tac-toe choice board that connects to reading stories about inventors, problem solvers, and their inventions.

Probability Tic-Tac-Toe by Cam Palmer
I created this Tic-Tac-Toe Choice Board activity to use during my probability unit in seventh grade pre-algebra.

3rd Grade Physical Science Cube - Amanda White
I created this cube to be used with a 3rd grade lesson about states of matter and phases of water.

7th Grade Math Think-Tac-Toe Choice Board by Alaina Seifert
I created this choice board for a culminating activity on a unit involving Rational Numbers: Integers. Completing this choice board, students would show mastery of four operations with integers, as well as be able to write and describe some characteristics of integers versus other parts of the rational number system.

8th Grade Motion Raft PowerPoint by Emily Kulla
I created this RAFT PowerPoint to expand on a unit that I feel the students understand, but are not challenged in. Motion is something that the 8th graders have heard before, but not really explored. I feel that the RAFT idea is another way for them to expand on this knowledge. I think this is a great way to assess knowledge after completing a lab.

6th Grade Learning Centers Strategy by Allyson Kepple
For the strategy "Learning Centers," I created a Wizard of Oz game for 6th grade using math problems provided by PDE on the SAS website. I have attached the word documents for the directions, the packet for the problems (student version), and an answer key. You could really use this idea with any game board. Although I made this one, there are other free templates available online.

2nd Grade Science Grouping by Kristy Streckewald
Literature Circles work well during ELA time. What about during science? This flexible grouping strategy is based off the concept of Literature Circles. Each student has a specific role to perform during a class science experiment. Teachers can then differentiate by the groups they create as well as the specific roles they assign.

Weather Choice Board Stacy Miller

This is a weather choice board that can be used with middle school students as a assessment tool after a weather unit.

"Capture the Principal" by Jessi Beck
This is an engaging board game, developed to practice calculating area and perimeter of a rectangle. It can be adjusted for different learning levels, and can be played with 2 or more players.

Nature Hunt Bingo by Brittany Bruce

This is a Bingo board that students would use on a nature walk. It can be edited to accommodate different landscapes. I chose to focus on Kindergarten.

I Have, Who Has - Monica Naugler
This is a set of I Have, Who Has? cards for 5th and 6th grade word study. This activity includes both Greek and Latin Roots - these are great for helping students build academic vocabulary in science. Students will complete it correctly when they get through all cards in the correct order.

6th Grade STEM Learning Centers by Tracey Heffron
I teach a K-6 STEM as a special. Availability of resources and storage are two main issues I face when planning projects. I developed STEM stations with grades 4-6 that allow students to work at one station for a period of 4-6 weeks, depending on time. Attached are the center instructions for each of the four centers. These are placed in folders along with any accompanying lab sheets students may need to complete.