Dare to Differentiate: Responding to the Needs of All Students

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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Fairfield Public Schools, CT

Leslie Grahn, Presenter

Howard County Public Schools, MD lgrahn@hcpss.org

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Workshop Objectives: Participants will...

  • build on background knowledge about differentiated instruction
  • reflect on their practice and apply learnings to their classroom practice
  • create differentiated products for use in their classrooms
  • give and receive feedback from colleagues.

Workshop Resources

Fuel gauges

Knowing the Learner & Supportive Learning Environment

Other brainstorming tools

Learner Profile Card

Knowing Your Learners resources

Supportive Learning Environment

Foldables resources

Schlechty website

Respectful Tasks

Respectful tasks do's and don'ts

Continuous Assessment

Balanced Assessment Self-Assessment

Examples of Integrated Performance Assessments: CARLA

Examples of Integrated Performance Assessments: FLENJ

Continuous Assessment resources

Responding to Formative Data

Flexible Grouping

Grouping cards

Clock buddies

Flexible Grouping and Cooperative Learning Strategies

Differentiation Strategies:

Choice Boards

Learning Centers

RAFT Assignments

Tiered Assignments

Cubing & Think Dots

DI & Lesson Planning

Differentiation Checklist

Sample Lesson Plans

Latin: Roman Living

French: Le Temps

Spanish: Los refugiados y la immigraciĆ³n

Spanish: Going Places

Chinese: Personal Description

Italian: Weather

Differentiation Cube

Planning and Managing DI

Hurricane Resources



Italian weather lesson


Legend of the Hurricane Dragons

Greek mythology- Hecatoncheires

Materials in English that can be adapted