ED 687 Spring 2013

Goucher College

Overview sessions (1/23, 1/24/13)

Course schedule

Course syllabus

Lesson plan

Unit plan

Fuel gauge formative assessment tool

Link to wiki with more formative assessment tools

Learner profile card

Differentiation: Choice Boards (1/30, 1/31)

Tools for collecting data about student interest and learning profile

Link to choice board page

Differentiation: RAFT Assignments and Flexible Grouping (2/20/ 2/21)

Link to Flexible Grouping page on wiki

Grouping cards

Elementary Clock Buddies

Link to RAFT Assignment page on wiki

Spinner debrief

Desk Olympics

Differentiating Instruction for English Language Learners (March 7, April 10)

Guest Speaker: Ilhye Yoon (MSDE)

Differentiating for ELLs page on wiki

Differentiation: Tiering (3/20 and 3/21)

Analyzing a Tiered Assignment

Tiering Flowchart tiering+flowchart.png

Tiered Assignment Planning Sheet

Link to Tiering page on wiki

Differentiating Instruction for Advanced Learners (4/11)

Advanced Learners page on Dare to Differentiate wiki

Animal School video