Differentiation in World Languages

Avon High School, CT

Summer 2015


School-Based Professional Learning (Friday, May 22, 2015)

I. Building on background knowledge

Tapping Your Prior Knowledge Padlet

How Do You Support Every Learner (Language Educator, August 2011)

Non-negotiables notes organizer

II. Supportive learning environment

Pinterest Board: Target Language Tools, Supports and Scaffolds

Tools for Knowing Our Language Learners

Cuestionario de inteligencia multiple
Mes mutliples intelligences
Personal coat of arms
Vark Learn (multiple languages)
Mon style d'apprentissage
Facebook page
Estilos de aprendizaje
Quel est ton style d'apprentissage?
Bio poem
Recipe of me
Name tag glyph
Back to School Memoir foldable

III. Flexible grouping strategies

Flexible grouping handout

Grouping strategies


Clock buddies

Creative Language Classroom: Quick! Get into your groups!

Grouping cards



Cooperative learning strategies
Cooperative learning strategies grid

IV. Reflection and Goal Setting

Classroom environment self assessment

TELL Framework

Teacher Observations, Feedback, and Consultations (Monday, June 1, 2015)

Feedback form

Differentiation in World Languages Workshop (Wednesday, June 17, 2015)

ACTFL Position Statement on Target Language

Inspiration Software




Target Language Tools and Supports Pinterest Board

Engagement Wheel

Let's Get Engaged wiki

Foldables Resources

Bingo card generator

Post Lunch Tasks

1. Cooperative Learning Strategies

Cooperative learning strategies grid

2. Designing Rigorous Tasks

3. Re-engineer an activity or lesson plan

4. Your choice