Continuous Assessment


Planning for Assessment (Teaching Foreign Languages K-12 Workshop Session #7)

Assessment, Evaluation, and Curriculum Redesign

Informative Assessment (Educational Leadership, December 2007)

Feed Up, Back, and Forward (Educational Leadership, November 2009)- how to use data to inform instruction

Grading What Matters Educational Leadership, November 2009

The Quest for Quality: Assessment Quality and Balance (Educational Leadership, November 2009)

Learning to Love Assessment (Educational Leadership, 1/08, Tomlinson)

Classroom Assessment Minute by Minute, Day by Day(Educational Leadership, 11/05, Leahy, Lyon, Thompson, and WIlliam)

Using data to differentiate instruction

Assessment Through the Student's Eyes (ASCD, Summer 2007)

Role of assessment in the differentiated classroom

DI Requires Continuous Assessment

Formative Assessment

Formative Assessments: Debunking the Myths (podcast)

Formative assessment tools on

Assessing Student Learning: Formative Assessment(module)

Formative Assessment Strategies (interactive diagram)

Formative Assessment- Working definition and cycle (Data Use)

The Rest of The Story: The power of formative classroom assessment depends on how you use the results (Guskey)

Multiple Approaches to Monitoring Student Understanding

Entrance card

Feedback form


3-2-1 Strategy

Another 3-2-1 form

3-2-1 Strategy Chart

Hands-on checking for understanding

Strategies for checking for understanding

Tips and strategies to informally check for student understanding

Springboard strategies to check for understanding

25 Quick Formative Assessments

Formative assessment strategies

Three Minute Buzz

Reflection Pyramid

Reflecting on Bright Ideas


Pinch cards

ABC pinch cards

Agree/Disagree pinch card

Windshield check 2 on page

Windshield check

Exit slip

Fuel gauge

Depth card

Bloom's card

Thumbs Up/Thumbs Down

Student Perceptions of Formative Assessment Questionnaire

Finish the Face

Traffic Light

Synectics Organizer

Twitter Summary

S-O-S Summary

Additional Formative Assessment Strategies

Alternative Assessment

Alternative assessment evaluation form


Self-Assessment Through Rubrics (Educational Leadership, December 2007)

Rubric Machine: Rubric Toolkit

Sample rubrics

Rubistar- create your own rubric

iRubric (free, but must create login)

Creating rubrics tutorial

Curriculum Ladders

Rubrics for Assessment

Recipes4Success Rubric Maker

Authentic Assessment Toolbox: Rubrics

Roobrix: convert rubric scores to percentages

Project Based Learning Checklists (English and Spanish)

Understanding rubrics

Rubrics and Scoring (includes guidelines, common errors and examples of poorly adapted and well adapted rubrics

Creating a rubric- a tutorial

Rubrics to the Rescue


A rubric for assessing rubrics

Rubrics powerpoint

Assessing products and performances

Designing scoring rubrics for your classroom

Richlin's Rant: Rubrics

Evaluating rubrics

Fun rubrics

Rubric for ideal mother-in-law

Rubric for apple pie