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Professional Learning Modules

Differentiated Instruction Modules

Differentiated Instruction: Maximizing the Learning of All Students Module


Differentiated Instruction: Continuing the Conversation

Differentiated Instruction Workshop (Tennessee Dept of Ed)- podcasts through iTunes U


Making A Difference: Carol Ann Tomlinson explains why DI works and why we need it now (Teacher Professional Development Sourcebook)

Differentiated Instruction for the Foreign Language Instruction (T. Thiesen)

Differentiation in the Multilevel Classroom

Busting Myths about Differentiated Instruction

23 Myths of Differentiated Instruction

Positive Aspects of Differentiated Instruction

Differentiating Instruction- Missouri Innovations


Differentiated Instruction: Overview powerpoint

The how and why of differentiated instruction powerpoint

Professional Development Tools for DI

Other Resources

Differentiation Cue Card

Differentiation Daily blog by Paula Kluth

Quotes about differentiation

Differentiation Is and Isn't Infographics


16 Differentiated Instruction Strategies

Strategies and Activities

Free downloads of Differentiated Instruction resources

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On Target: Strategies That Differentiate Instruction K-4

What are some ways to differentiate?

Reach Every Student Through Differentiated Instruction

Strategies for Differentiated Instruction

Differentiation Activity Matrix

Low prep and high prep differentiation

Differentiation product possibilities