UDL PD Idea Bank

Activity Types: Activating Thinking, Deepening Knowledge, Reflecting on Learning, Applying to Practice

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U-D-L letters
Activating thinking
Pass out letter cards (U's, D's, and L's) to the participants. Have each participant write a fact, belief or question about UDL on the back of his/her card that begins with the letter they have. Then, have participants group themselves into groups of 3 spelling out "UDL." Have them share their insights. If time allows, have small groups report out to the whole group.
Leslie Grahn, POD

Exploring UDL through visuals
Activating thinking
Groups of participants are given a set of visuals relating to UDL. Each group member chooses one visual and makes connections between the visual and his/her own knowledge of UDL.
Leslie Grahn, POD

UDL cartoon

UDL 101 Learning Centers
Deepening knowledge
Learning centers where participants explore basic information about UDL through a variety of modalities. Can be done as a jigsaw where a heterogeneous group is formed where all of the knowledge gained through centers is shared.
Leslie Grahn, POD
UDL Introduction Learning Centers

UDL Guidelines Puzzle
Activating thinking Deepening knowledge
Create one set of headings and strips for each group. Ask them to recreate the chart. Give them the "answer key" (Guidelines chart) to check their work. An extension can be to have them discuss which aspects they already incorporate into their teaching, which aspects are challenges, and which aspects will be implemented as a short term personal goal.
Leslie Grahn, POD

Quotes activity
Activating thinking, Reflecting on learning
Create one set of quotes for each group. Ask participants to make connections with the quotes and their knowledge/learning about UDL, choosing key words and phrases that resonate with them.
Leslie Grahn, POD

UDL Interactive Activity Follow Up
Activating thinking, Reflecting on Learning
After completing the UDL Interactive Activity, have participants choose four students in their class and outline their strengths and needs (as shown in the interactive activity). Then, once they have thought about each student, identify ways they can adapt a lesson they have taught or will be teaching to infuse UDL principles into the instruction and assessment.

Staff Jigsaw
Staff members are sorted into groups based on the 3 principles of UDL (given sorting cards). Using the UDL wheel and wiki, each group will create a product to demonstrate their learning on a principle of UDL (exp: PowerPoint, wordle, poem, song, Kidspiration, etc).
Shanae Fant, WLHS

Lesson Plan Template
Applying to Practice
This lesson plan template incorporates the 3 UDL brain networks.
Eileen Volker, Rockburn ELem

What's my score?
Reflecting on Learning
Participants will use the rubric to reflect on how much UDL usage is being incorporated into their lessons. Participants can use their scores to determine their stage of UDL usage

UDL Pinch Card Quiz
Activating thinking
Participants use the A-B-C side of pinch card to indicate their responses to the questions. Great way to collect formative data about a group before digging into UDL.
Leslie Grahn, POD

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