DI Professional Development Tools lecture.png

Animal School video (no audio)

YouTube Differentiated Instruction video with Lulu cartoon

New Teacher Survival Guide: Differentiating Instruction

Activating Your DI IQ- Jeopardy Labs game

Do As I Do: Modeling Differentiation in Staff Development

Gallery Walk Organizer

How is Differentiation Like A... (metaphors)

Cut and paste

Workshop choice board

Foreign Language Classroom Scenarios

Differentiation Scenario

Learning Center Chart

Fuel gauge template

Depth card

Warm up activity

Differentiated Instruction Educator Choice Board

Participant Feedback Choice Board

Needs Assessments and Reflections

Questions for personal reflection on Differentiation

Teacher Self-Reflection on Differentiation for Staff Development Planning

Differentiation Needs Assessment

Individualized differentiation diagnostic

DI Implementation challenges organizer

Differentiation Pre-Assessment

Teacher Reflection on Differentiation

Personal Reflection/Next Steps/Lesson Debrief

Professional Development Planning Tools

Event Design Template

Professional Development Event Plan

Adult Learning Theory