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Planning Resources

The differentiator

Evaluation rubric for a differentiated lesson

DI Lesson Plan Template (online format)

DI Teaching/Learning Examples Planning Template

Differentiation Planning Guide

Differentiation Planning Stage

Instructional Planning Guide for Differentiation

Guiding Questions to Help Teachers Address All Students' Needs

Differentiation Unit Planning Template

Sample DI goal planning framework 2

Equalizer (see p. 77)

Sample tiered lesson plan

Differentiated lesson plan rubric

Differentiated lesson plan rubric 2

Integrated Differentiation Matrix (Bloom's Taxonomy + Multiple Intelligences)- blank grid

Sample Integrated Differentiation Matrix- "Investigate a book"

Samples of completed MI/Bloom's differentiation matrices

Differentiated Lesson Plan Analysis Organizer

Managing Differentiation

Management Strategies

Managing the differentiated classroom

Basics for managing a differentiated classroom

Managing Differentiation in the Classroom

Issues, Problems, and Solutions of Setting up/Managing a Differentiated Classroom

Finding Manageable Ways to Meet Individual Needs (ASCD)

A Model of Differentiated Classroom Management

8 Lessons Learned on Differentiated Instruction

Managing and Leading in a Differentiated Classroom

Managing A Differentiated Classroom (Scholastic Teacher Talks- Carol Ann Tomlinson)

Sample Differentiated Lesson Plans

Sample Lesson Plans

Sample differentiated lesson plans

Sample Differentiated Lesson Plan (Social Studies)

Sample Differentiated Unit- Eastern Woodland American Indians

Samples of tiered lessons