Patapsco Middle School UDL PD


U-D-L letter cards

Choose your modality

Graphic Organizer

Bodily/Kinesthetic & Logical/Mathematical:

Choice A:

Guidelines header strips

Guidelines strips

Guidelines chart

Choice B:

UDL wheel


Choice C:

Choice D:

UDL Powerpoint


Choice E:


What is UDL?

UDL: Meeting the Needs of All Students

A Parent's Guide to UDL

UDL GPS article

Choice F:


UDL Podcast Online

UDL Podcast transcript

Intrapersonal & Interpersonal

Choice G: UDL Self-Assessments/Quizzes (take and discuss)

UDL Quiz

UDL Educator Checklist

UDL Jeopardy Labs game

UDL Questionnaire

Reflection and Self-Assessment of Classroom UDL

Challenge: Reengineer one aspect of your lessons this week and reflect on its impact.

Additional resources:

UDL page on Dare to Differentiate wiki