Languages for All: Differentiation in the Language Classroom
ACTFL 2013

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I. Introduction

ACTFL Position Statement: Languages as a Core Component of Education for All Students

Languages for All Wordles

Online Word Cloud applications


Word It Out

Assess Yourself bookmark

KWL Chart

KWLH Chart

Link to Foldables resources

Smoosh book template

A DIFFERENT Kind of Crossword

II. What is differentiated instruction?

DI Background information page

III. Knowing your learners

Knowing the learner page

Multiple Intelligences mini book

MI data

Your class profile

HIgh Five Strategy

Sample choice board

Create a choice board

Choice boards page

IV. Flexible grouping

Flexible grouping page

Appointment Clock Buddies

V. Respectful Tasks

Sample tiered tasks

Tiered Activity Plan Sheet

Tiered Activities page

VI. Discover, Dig Deeper, and Apply

Choice Activities

RAFT Assignment page on wiki

RAFT template
Think Dots
Cubing/Think Dots page on wiki

Cubing template

Think Dots template
Choice Boards page on wiki

Choice Board Template
More tiering practice

Analyzing a Tiered Assignment Card

Planning a tiered activity
Activity Transformations
MI Poster

MI Board Choices

MI Activity Wheel
Differentiated Lesson Planning
Lesson Planning Template

Lesson Planning Template #2

Differentiation Checklist
Differentiation Scenarios
Differentiation Scenarios

Differentiation Scenarios Response Sheet