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Teaching Across Types

Adjusting Your Teaching Style to Your Students' Learning Styles

Differences (videos on iTunes University from Teaching and Learning Scotland)

10 Ways to Get to Know Your Students With Technology

Knowing Our Students As Learners (ASCD)

What Helps Us Learn- video with students' insights (ASCD)

Faces of Learning- create your own "learner sketch"

Seven Misconceptions about How Students Learn (Washington Post- great article)

Assessing for Differentiation: Getting to Know Students

Know Your Learners

36 Ways to Get to Know Your Class

What Type of Learner Are You? infographic

Knowing the Learner Data Collection Tools

UDL Class Profile Maker

Differentiated Instruction Learner Profile

Learner Profile Card

Knowing the Learner Student Instruction Sheet

Strategies for Knowing the Learner

Multiple Intelligences Tools and Resources

Multiple Intelligences Inventory

Find Your Strengths

Birmingham Grid for Learning: Multiple Intelligences

Early Childhood MI survey

MI Posters (Comics Workshop) - free downloads

Where does your intelligence lie? (multiple intelligences quiz that creates a pie chart of responses)

Class Intelligence Profile (teacher inputs students strengths, makes pie chart of class results)

How many ways are you smart?

Multiple Intelligences Survey (, Mike Fleetham)

Cuestionario de inteligencia multiple para el alumno external image rtf.png spmultint.rtf

Multiple Intelligences Test in French
All About Me (elementary with pictures)

mi Unique Individual profile

Primary MI survey

Learning Styles Tools and Resources

What are my learning strengths?

Paragon Learning Style Inventory

Index of Learning Styles Questionnaire

What's your learning style?

VARK: A Guide to Learning Styles (in multiple languages)

Ton style d'apprentissage

CHAEA: Estilos de aprendizaje

What are your learner strengths?

Discover your learning style (interactive)

Quel est ton style d'apprentissage? (interactive)

Getting to Know You: Learning Profile Inventory

Quel est mon style dominant?

Learning Style Questionnaire- primary

Learning Styles Inventory (, Mike Fleetham)

Student Interest Inventories

How (and Why) to Create an Interest Survey for Your Students

Student Interest Survey

Interest/learning style surveys

A recipe of me

Smiley face interest survey

Parent student interest inventory (Joni Turville –

Student Interest Inventory

Student Interest Inventory (Reading, Tonk, Cienega High School)

Student Interest Survey (Elementary)

Student Interest Inventory

Student Interest Inventory (Scholastic)

What interests you?

If I ran the school- student interest surveys

Getting to Know You interest interview

Who Are You?

Reading preferences survey

Other Resources for Knowing the Learner (and Teacher)

Hundred Acre Wood Personality Array

Motivation Style Inventory: What's your motivation style?

Teaching Style Inventory

Getting to Know You the UDL Way

IB Learner Profile Booklet

Knowing the Learner Student Projects

Personal Coat of Arms

Personal Facebook page

All About Me Gazette

Bio Poem

Name Tag Glyph

Back to School Memoir foldable